All Bodas garments are especially designed to be easy to care for, long-lasting. To prolong the life of your garments, we’ve provided some simple tips to ensure that your purchases remain as good as new - for as long as possible.




Our underwear is designed for everyday use. Because we want it to be as comfortable as possible, we’ve made sure that all garment labels can be easily removed. Simply snip the two stitches which attach the white care label to the small grey Bodas tag to prevent any itchy labels.

Stain Removal

Soak or wash the item as quickly as possible, as stains are far harder to remove once they have dried. We recommend using a pre-wash stain remover; other stain removers can be placed in the washing machine along with your ordinary washing powder.


All of the underwear in our basic ranges can be washed in the machine at either 30˚ or on a delicates setting.

We advise that you use a mild non-biological detergent and refrain from using fabric softener to ensure that colours remain bright. If hand washing, we highly recommend that you rinse your underwear in a mild solution of white vinegar (one capful per basin of water) instead as this will not only enhance the appearance of your garments, but will also prolong their life.

Underwire and padded bras ought to be secured in a mesh laundry net before washing to protect both the wiring of the bra and your machine.

None of our underwear should be tumble dried. Many of our fabrics are very lightweight and dry extremely quickly by themselves.

For non-basic ranges, please read the individual garment care label. Delicate items, such as our new Mousseline collection, or underwear which is embellished with a lace trim (such as the Amadei or Boudoir ranges) should be hand-washed. Please bear in mind that while our basic underwear is machine washable, as with any other items of clothing, it will last longer if it is hand washed.

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Nightwear and Cotton Tees

Nightwear and Cotton Tees should both be treated in the same way as our basic underwear.

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All cashmere items should be dry cleaned or hand washed in cold water using a specialist hand-wash liquid. Lay on a towel to dry flat.

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Swimwear should be rinsed in clean water after each use to remove sun-protection creams, salt and swimming-pool chemicals.

We highly recommend that you rinse your swimwear with a mild solution of white vinegar (one capful per basin of water) to make it last longer.

Hand wash using a mild detergent. Do not tumble dry. Dry flat and away from direct sunlight, to prevent colours from fading.

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