bodas size guide


Our simple self-measuring guide below will help you work out your correct bra size.

You need to take two measurements:

1. Underbust – Using an inch tape measure, measure your circumference beneath your bust to determine your back size, eg. 32, 34, 36 or 38.

(The band measurement of your bra)

2. Overbust - Measure your circumference at the full part of your bust across your nipples.

Calculate your cup size by subtracting your underbust measurement from your overbust measurement.


Difference between Overbust and Underbust Cup Size
0"/0cm A
1"/2.5cm B
2"/5cm C
3"/7.5cm D
4"/10cm E

The importance of fit

Any problems with fitting a bra can easily be solved by changing either the band size or the cup size, or both. Many women wear bras with the band too loose and the cup too small. If in doubt, we suggest that you take a cup larger than you would normally. At Bodas we do everything possible to ensure consistent sizing, however, please note that size and fit will vary slightly between underwear styles and fabrics.

The most common problems with bra fitting, and how to resolve them:
1. If the breasts are bulging over the bra - go up a cup size.
2. If the bra rides up at the back - go down a band size.
3. If the straps are digging into your shoulders, this means that the straps are having to do all the work because the band is not tight enough. Go down a band size and up a cup size - this will give you a tighter fit around the body, with the same cup size as previously.
4. If the front of the bra does not sit flat against your chest - go down a band size and you may need to go up a cup size.

International sizing

If you know the size for another country, you can look it up below.

UK USA German French Italian Australian
32 32 70 85 1 10
34 34 75 90 2 12
36 36 80 95 3 14
38 38 85 100 4 16


Bodas nightwear, loungewear, swimwear and knickers are all sized according to the following table.

Dress size
Bodas nightwear / loungewear / knickers UK USA French Italian

extra small 8 4 36 38

small 10 6 38 40
small/medium medium 12 8 40 42
medium/large large 14 10 42 44

extra large 16 12 44 46

Can't find your size? We are always expanding our product range in terms of sizes as well as styles. If we do not yet stock your size, please email our store at